Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Reductions Continue!

I woke up this morning to a nice automated phone call from American Express. They conducted a "financial review" on my Platinum Business Credit card and took away the little available credit that was left. More evidence that they more you pay, the more they take away.

I think it's time that we as customers start doing our own "financial review" of American Express. I just completed mine a few minutes ago...and the results are in:

Leave Home Without It!


Anonymous said...

Just got the automated call from Amex. $4900 becomes $1300 unless I give them all my personal information about income and "liquid assets." And then it's just for the review! I could STILL have no credit available. I think I'll just not do it. Time to start paying by check at Costco, I guess! It's a shame that's the only way to pay.

Anonymous said...

Leave home without it is a great idea - at some point we will be able to hit them hard by having their customer base dissappear. In the mean time once 1 card cuts your limit (in half - in my case) FOR NO REASON. This flags your credit and other companies reduce your limits and close your cards without informing you. Before you know it 50 points off your credit, without being late and always paying over the limit.

What do we do ?

c poliner said...

Did the same thing with my company
Enabled us to use them then disabled us at their will.
We sent them financial information my accountant sent them financials twice. they are purposely misreading them or they have hired $5.00 an hour idiots.
My company is stronger than ever but their interpretation is that i should file for bankruptcy. My thought they are slandering my good name

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