Monday, February 9, 2009

Update - Paying down the AMEX

Now it's common knowledge that American Express is hellbent on reducing credit lines regardless of credit worthiness. So in the last few months I decided to start paying down my balances at an accelerated rate.

You can guess what happened next...

Two more line reductions, another $7500 in available credit gone. In both cases, after making large payments, they reduced my lines to $275 above the balance. No call. No email. No letter yet. They are probably sitting at their headquarters laughing...just waiting for me to use the card so they can charge me an overlimit fee and raise my interest rate.

I called them and they gave me the same bullsh*t. ohhh...the last 6 months you haven't paid down you balance enough! COMPLETE LIE. ohhh... you have too many inquiries! Well that's because I had to open some new accounts after I shredded my AMEX!

So be warned...if you have a balance with AMEX at a low rate...DON'T PAY IT OFF. They will just suck away the available credit and then spit on you.

Leave home without it.